Keep your pet looking happy and healthy with our pet grooming in Cranbourne

At Casey and Cranbourne Veterinary Hospital, we offer a full pet grooming service for dogs, cats and rabbits from Kay, our in-house groomer. With years of professional pet grooming experience, Kay can clip animals according to their breed standard and will always ensure that your pet looks its very best afterwards.

Passionate about animals, Kay is gentle and calm and will make your pet feel at ease during the grooming session, for your added peace of mind.

Day spa sessions

If you’d like to book your pet into our day spa, then you can also ask for a free seven-point health check while they’re there. This means our pet groomer, Kay, will give them the once-over, inspecting their eyes, ears, skin, teeth, nails, anal glands and general body condition.

Anything amiss is noted, then one of our vets can speak with you about this and recommend the most suitable course of treatment.


It should be noted that some cats, rabbits and dogs may need to be sedated with a general anaesthetic for their grooming session. If so, then this will be administered by one of our vets while a Cert IV-qualified veterinary nurse will monitor your pet throughout.

If your cat or dog is going to be anaesthetised, then you’ll have to fast them the night before, allowing them to consume only water from 8:00pm onwards. Rabbits, however, do not need to fast, so you can bring in their regular food and they can eat pre and post-anaesthetic.

Session times

Our pet grooming service at Casey and Cranbourne Veterinary Hospital is currently available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. All appointments should be booked ahead of time with our team, and it should be noted that spaces fill up quickly, especially in the warmer weather.


Mon to Fri: 8am – 8pm
Saturdays: 8am – 3pm
Sundays: 9am – Midday

Closed on Public Holidays!


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