As the weather starts to warm up again, it is timely for us at Casey & Cranbourne Veterinary Hospital to remind you that the deadly paralysis tick is on the march down south in Victoria. Last year, two cases presented to us in November. One dog had been to Bairnsdale, the other had been to Sale. This year there have already been reported cases of paralysis tick in Melbourne. Don’t forget that even if your dog doesn’t travel to the paralysis tick prone areas with you, the ticks can hitch a ride back in camping equipment, bedding etc.

The best option to protect your pet from the deadly paralysis tick is to treat them with a chewable tablet. We recommend either Simparica ‘monthly’ chew or Bravecto ‘3 monthly’ chew. The bonus of both tasty chews is that they not only protect against paralysis tick BUT also protect against fleas and mites as well – two other external parasites prevalent at this time of year.

If you are travelling with your dog this summer, especially along the eastern seaboard, please remember to come to our vet clinic in Cranbourne to purchase your Simparica or Bravecto to protect your beloved pet against this deadly paralysis tick.

If you find a tick on your dog or have travelled to a known tick area and you are concerned about exposure to paralysis ticks, especially if your dog is showing weakness or ataxia in the hind legs, vomiting, or has any respiratory distress (laboured breathing, struggling to breathe etc), please book an appointment for your dog to be examined by one of our vets. It is important to note that clinical signs can take from 5-18 days to present once the tick has attached, so be mindful if you dog is unwell even up to three weeks after you have returned from holidays.

We stock the tick anti serum and we are ready to treat any paralysis tick emergency that present to the clinic.



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