With our own on-site pharmacy at Casey and Cranbourne Veterinary Hospital, should you require pet medication, you can get it right there and then. We stock a full range of treatments, so after the consultation with the vet, you can quickly collect whatever medication has been prescribed.

Full range of pet medication

As with all of our services, we’re committed to delivering a high standard of service at our pharmacy, with pet medication stored correctly and the shelves always fully stocked. Our team also makes sure the pharmacy is well maintained, along with the rest of the clinic, in terms of general cleanliness and hygiene.

If your pet requires ongoing medication in the long-term, you can always rely on Casey and Cranbourne Veterinary Hospital to supply this for you. Our vets will also perform routine health checks every six months on your pet to ensure that all’s well or to note any changes in their condition. This will further allow them to assess the effectiveness of the medication and to look for any possible adverse side effects.

These check-ups are extremely beneficial to your pet and will ensure that any problems are picked up early. They’re also a legal requirement from the Australian Veterinary Association, in terms of making certain that pets that need long-term medication are receiving this from a prescribing veterinarian.

Repeat prescriptions

If you need repeat prescriptions for your pet, then please phone us at Casey and Cranbourne Veterinary Hospital at least 24 hours before the medication runs out. This will give us time to have the prescriptions approved by one of our veterinarians, labelled, and ready for you to collect.

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