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At Casey and Cranbourne Veterinary Hospital, we place great emphasis on preventative pet health care, as prevention is always better than cure. Our team of vets and nurses are all fully trained and can give advice on any issue, including diet, grooming, dental care and more.

Whether you want information on parasite control for your dog or cat or would like to enquire about vaccinations or anything else, we can provide the help you need. Once your pet is registered with us, we can easily keep track of your pet’s health progress, and using our specialist computer system, we will send you reminders of annual boosters and appointments.

Medical services and diagnostics

While every measure will be taken to ensure the good health of your pet, occasionally they may still require veterinary attention. If this is the case, then we’ll arrange an appointment to check them over, diagnosing the issue at hand and recommending the most suitable course of action.

The vet will take a health history from you about your pet and may sometimes ask you to bring in a urine or faecal sample if further examination is needed. While some conditions are quick to diagnose, others may take longer to determine, and if further tests are required, then we can do these at our laboratory.

For more specialised or complex pathology testing, we use Gribbles Veterinary Pathology, who offer a same-day or next-day turnaround of service.

X-rays & Ultrasound

In some cases, we may need to take an X-ray or perform an ultrasound of your pet, and we can do this using our state-of-the-art on-site equipment. Our modern diagnostic facilities provide immediate images that we can assess, resulting in a much quicker diagnosis.


After diagnosing your pet, your vet will discuss the best course of treatment with you, explaining what’s involved and in most cases, treating your pet on-site. In more serious cases, your pet may require treatment from a specialist, and we are affiliated with a number of local professionals. No matter what intervention your pet needs, we’ll always make sure you’re fully informed about every aspect of this, including the associated costs and prognosis for the condition.

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