The Cat-Carrier Dilemma

Is your cat scared of the cat carrier? Does your cat run and hide as soon as the cat carrier makes an appearance? Getting cats used to the carrier

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Skin Cancer in Pets

With summer around the corner, it is a good time to get your furry friend checked for skin cancer. Just like people, skin cancers are also common

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August is Dental Month

DID YOU KNOW? 85% of dogs and 70% of cats over 3 years old suffer from dental problems? Dogs and cats develop plaque on their teeth

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Guinea Pig Caesarian

Following public interest in our guinea pig ‘caesarian’ post, we decided to publish a case study of the patient for our pocket pet fans.

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Senior Health Check!

Are you finding your senior dog is struggling to get out of bed on these chilly winter mornings? Check out our post from last week…

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