Professional animal pathology services in Cranbourne

At our veterinary hospital in Cranbourne, we have on-site pathology services as well as access to external pathology labs. This means we can quickly test patients’ blood and urine without having to wait for it to be sent off to a lab.

As a result, our vets can diagnose conditions and manage your pet’s condition more efficiently. This is particularly important with regards to treating critically ill animals, where results may be required immediately to aid treatment.

In regards to the blood tests we send off to our external laboratory Gribbles, we have a courier service collecting samples from the hospital four times a day. This means that with most blood tests performed, we have results either the same day if the sample is sent in the morning or the next day if the sample is taken at night. Histopathology and cytology results can take a few days as they require preparation at the lab before analysis.

Pre-anaesthetic blood tests

If your pet requires a surgical procedure, we recommend a pre-anaesthetic blood test to determine their underlying health and to screen for anomalies that wouldn’t show up in a physical examination. Performed on the morning of the operation using our state of the art in house blood test machine, we have a result within 10 mins.

Having pathology services available to hand means there’s no delay in completing the surgery unless the tests show any abnormalities. A blood test will show if the kidneys and liver are functioning well enough to cope under anaesthetic and is a vital requirement for pets over 10 years old.

For younger pets, a screening blood test is also recommended as it can identify any unknown congenital issues. It will also provide us with a baseline of your pet’s health, which we can refer to and track as your pet ages.

Additional testing

As well as blood testing before surgery, we may also test healthy animals as part of a wellness program. This will allow us to identify any early signs of disease, leading to more successful treatment and/or management of any resulting condition. If the tests are normal, then we can use the results as the basis for an ongoing surveillance program.

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