Get knowledgeable animal weight loss advice at Casey & Cranbourne Veterinary Hospital

At Casey and Cranbourne Veterinary Hospital, we offer professional weight loss clinics where we can help to ensure that your pet maintains a healthy weight for its size. Obesity is an increasing problem for pets, so it’s important to be aware of what you feed your animals.

With this in mind, our veterinary team can offer trusted dietary advice and assist with animal weight loss programs.

Tackling weight in dogs and cats

If your dog or cat is carrying too much weight, then this can impact negatively on their general health, ultimately reducing their life expectancy. It will also make them more susceptible to heart disease, diabetes and arthritis, so it’s important to take action if you think your pet has put on weight.

Laura, an experienced Cert IV-qualified veterinary nurse, manages our animal weight loss clinic, and can offer you and your pet the help you need. At Casey and Cranbourne Veterinary Hospital, we provide the clinics free of charge for our patrons, so it couldn’t be easier to benefit from them.

The following checklist can help you identify if your pet is too heavy. If you’ve noticed these changes in your dog or cat, please give us a call to arrange a weigh-in.

  • Ribs can’t be felt without applying a fair amount of pressure
  • Your pet is obsessed with food
  • Your pet is inactive most of the time
  • Loss of an obvious waist (and you may even notice belly wobble when walking or running)
  • You’ve had to loosen your pet’s collar several times over the past year

There are various reasons as to why your pet may have gained weight, such as overeating, inactivity or because of a medical condition or medication. If you’re concerned about your pet, please get in touch. Laura can also offer advice on why pets can’t seem to lose weight, and can refer your pet on to one of our vets for further examination if required.

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