Is your cat scared of the cat carrier?

Does your cat run and hide as soon as the cat carrier makes an appearance? Getting cats used to the carrier and making it a safe place for them can reduce the stress of vet visits or trips to the cattery. Here are some top tips to helping your cat be comfortable in a carrier:

  • Ensure the carrier is suitable for your cat. It needs to be large enough to sit or lie down. It needs to be comfortable, clean, have holes for breathing and looking out and a door for your cat to enter voluntarily
  • Carriers where the entire top can be removed makes is easier for your vet to examine your cat without fuss
  • Make the carrier seem like home. Include familiar bedding and bring a familiar blanket or towel to cover the cage.
  • You can spray Feliway (a synthetic pheromone) in the carrier as this helps calm cats and will make the carrier seem safe and soothing
  • Before your visit to the vet, have your cat become familiar with the carrier at home by having it out for them to explore, and reward your cat with stroking or treats

There are also medications to help reduce stress. These can be given prior to a visit. Ask your vet if this could be something that helps your cat.

The video below is produced by International Cat Care and shows some ways you can help your cat to be comfortable in a carrier. You can view further interesting cat advice videos on their website.


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